Project Description

TVH Nijvel, 2016

FUNCTION: Industrial

M²: 9.000

LOCATION: 1402 Nijvel

This project is situated in the recent industrial zone of Nijvel-South and involves the construction of an office area, an industrial area with indoor halls (workshop and warehouse) and an extensive outdoor construction with wash places, parking places and charging points for the rental vehicles of the company.

The volumes have been kept simple and pure in order to minimise the heat loss surface. The materials and volumetry of the building fit in with the tissue of the growing industrial zone and are conform with the Energy Prestation Label regulations of Wallonia.

The offices are heated using a heat pump and the rainwater is reused for sanitary functions and for the rinsing of vehicles in the wash places.

Solar panels have been placed on the roof of the industrial halls to limit energy use.

Functional & Sustainable