Project Description

Jubilé, 2019

FUNCTION: Formerly single-family house divided in 4 apartments

M²: 490

LOCATION: Saint-Jans-Molenbeek

A major renovation of an old mansion, subdivided into 4 apartments (including 1 duplex) with underground cellars and a garden for the ground floor apartment. The other apartments each have their own balcony. The highest located (duplex) apartment has a roof terrace. The historic character of the house has been preserved with great respect. The street facade (roof included) has been completely renovated. Hereby all the exterior joinery was copied identically. With the same concern for aesthetics and historical importance, certain high-quality architectural elements have been preserved and renovated to the maximum. Among other things, old parquet floors, cast iron radiators, moldings, ironwork and chimneys. The uninhabitable attic (with its large velux) is now part of a duplex apartment. Hereby the old light shaft (which gave natural light to the stairwell) has been replaced and simulated in an identical manner by means of. artificial light. All these interventions have been carried out with constant care and respect for the historic character of this house.

Character & Historical