Project Description


FUNCTION: New construction of 66 apartments and 2 SME units

M²: 11.237   –   in collaboration with: architectuurbureau LD2

LOCATION: 1130 Haren

PHASE: Building Permit Application

The project is located around a large, quiet oasis that faces south. The residential building and the volumes of the SME units form a screen around the oasis. This screen protects against noise pollution and the unstructured industrial environment. The residential units are positionned in a curve around the oasis. All living spaces have a view over the green oasis. The volume of the residential building rises in stories towards the street side and in this way responds to the acoustic study, given the presence of the railroad on the West side. The SME units are located on the street side and close off the oasis from the street. The architectural unity between the two programs is ensured by the use of metal cladding for the facade and roofing of the SME units, aswell as for the fences and railings of the balconies of the residential building.

Collaborate & Harmonious