Project Description

Aldi Molenbeek, 2016

FUNCTION: Apartements and Commercial

M²: 3.793

LOCATION: 1080 Brussels

This project concerns the construction of a new Aldi store with accompanying rooms, warehouse and loading dock, accessible for clients by the Opzichtersstraat and for deliveries by the Ulensstraat.

A large part of the roof of the Aldi will be used to generate green power, this part is filled with solar panels. Another, smaller part will be used for rainwater collection. The remainder of the roof is a green roof.

15 apartments, 1 studio and an underground carpark with 13 places have been provided along the Ulenstraat. All the apartments open up towards the adjacent green roof. In order to create added value for the building, the users, the surroundings and the client we strive for sustainable architecture and use of materials, such as white stucco and natural wood.

Sustainable & Projectmanagement

Lowette & Partners architects
Lowette & Partners architects