About us

Lowette & Partners architects was established in July 2014 by architectural engineer Sigrid Banck, architect André Gérardy and architect Karel Lowette and is a confirmation of the continuous growth of Architectuurbureau Lowette, established by Karel in 1990.

The office has grown into a reference for projects based in the Brussels-Capital-Region and its surrounding municipalities, both in Flanders and Wallonia. This is the result of on the one hand a profound knowledge of the specific legislation and on the other hand an extensive network on both the Flemish and the Walloon side. We are specialized in both the renovation and the building of commercial, residential and tertiary projects with offices and in addition we have realised for our clients a residential care centre, an incubation centre,  a furniture line, interior designs and facade renovations.

We consider each project as a unique given of which we see its realisation as an intensive cooperation between the client, the urban planning services, the necessary consultancies and the contractor of the project. Our professional and multidisciplinary team strives each time again to create durable designs that add value for the client, the surroundings and the daily user of the project. Several times and in different projects we have encountered complex programs. We then make it our goal to integrate these programs harmoniously in the urban context.

Sustainable development and the principles of eco-construction are of key importance while realizing our projects. Using an internally developed durability checklist each phase of the project is assessed for all aspects of sustainable development. This way we hope to contribute to the further development of a sustainable environment!


In the following paragraphs we give an overview of the different steps in our standard and ‘full option’ work process, in which we guide the coordination of the project for you from start to finish. Each project has a project leader and a project manager (one of the partners) who, as far as possible, stay your contacts during the course of the project.

FEASIBILITY STUDY – For larger projects we make a quick surface study and a cost estimation based on limited data, to examine whether a certain project on a certain lot is worth studying further in detail.

MEASUREMENT TERRAIN – In order to work with correct data from the beginning, we have the terrain and the existing buildings measured by a professional land surveyor. In order for you to be able to make a well-considered decision, we ask at least three surveyors to make an offer which we then compare for you so we can present you with the most interesting option.

PRELIMINARY DESIGN – Based on the measurement of the terrain and in close consultation with you we provide a design, taking into account your preferences, our knowledge of the regulations and the results of previously had consultations with the planning authorities. When the design has been decided upon we propose to have another consultation with the planning authorities, for them to be fully aware of what will be applied for and for us to be maximally prepared for what can be expected.

BUILDING PERMIT – When the plans have been adapted to the (possible) remarks of the planning authorities one last time  – except if you choose to ask for a deviation – we prepare all the necessary administrative documents to apply for a building permit. The input of an ‘Energy Prestation Label’ advisor and the necessary consultancies will be necessary at the latest in this stage. Here we can also ask a number of offers in order to provide you with the most interesting one. We closely follow the procedure for the building permit , we are available and we explain the project when a consultation committee is demanded. We also keep in touch on a regular basis with the administration in order to obtain the building permit as fast as possible. We can however not guarantee the actual acquirement  of the building permit and neither can we affect the legal term, whether or not this is respected by the planning authorities.

CONTRACTING DOSSIER – The redaction of the contracting dossier includes the realization of a specification sheet, a bill of quantities and execution plans in order to have a basis upon which different contractors can make an offer. We study, inform and correct the offers until they are fully comparable. After consultation the contract between you and the most interesting contractor can be closed.

EXECUTION / WHARF – The coordination of the wharf includes a weekly follow-up of the works in progress where after we draw up a report, the checking of the progress reports and invoices and ensuring a correct provisional acceptance and delivery of the project.